NEW HOMES (South East Essex)


Understand formula & rules set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) were revised on 24th July 2018.
Let us be honest the NPPF is not fit for purpose when:

  1. The formula for setting Housing Targets means some Local Councils benefit from being set a low target because they have a lower population, as always benefited from these rules, even though they have a far larger area e.g. Compare Brentwood to Basildon (see table below).
  2. These rules set by Government are not on a fair and equal basis for ALL COUNCILS and there has been alleged Political Bias and that Nimbyism affects decisions, see table below.
  3. Land that is Fenland, a low marshy area which is subject to Flooding/Surface water besides Soil/Water contamination must be precluded from development. One reason is simple, too many times have you heard of cases where there have been major issues of houses being damaged and insurance rates being hard to obtain or far higher premiums, that is besides not having gardens fit for purpose.
  4. The policy from government appears biased to push through housing developments, even if one council or thousands of residents object, who have a factual coherent case which should stop certain developments.
  5. No real protection, if any, in stopping one Council abusing another by receiving ALL the income and using/relying on the other councils infrastructure so they get all the costs. Thereby the other council paying year on year to maintain the other councils development, whilst they receive the Council Tax. Resulting in the offended council having to raise Council Tax &/or reduce services to pay the maintenance costs, year on year forever.

From the table below you can see that the targets set appear to show that they want to concrete over Basildon District and keep Brentwood District pristine, who boast to be 6th in the country for Greenbelt, have a low population and vast area.

Due to Brentwoods Size of area and Low population their HOUSING TARGET should for decades to come be set at least double Basildons but NPPF is unfair, either Flawed or possibly Rigged.
Brentwood should be building in their best areas which reports confirm are: Pilgrims Hatch, North Brentwood and Greenfield Sites North of A12.
They currently should be set build 40,000 New Homes in these areas, including over 50% Social/Affordable homes.

One can see that certain areas have not even been considered, others discounted for wrong reasons but wish to build in areas considered Outside of Brentwoods District which on speaking to the council appears for political reasons, as confirmed by their Local development Plan.

BELOW Office of National Statistics – COMPARING ESSEX COUNCILS – Mid 2016 (Population, Position, Area and Density) & 2018 HOUSING TARGETS

(New Homes)
POPULATION 183,400 76,400 89,700 85,700 179,800 167,000
Position 98th of 326 297th of 326 269th of 326 284th of 326 99th of 326 112th of 326
AREA 42.48 sq mi (110.02 km2) 59.12 sq mi
(153.12 km2)
17.41 sq mi (45.08 km2) 65.44 sq mi (169.49 km2) 16.12 sq mi
(41.76 km2)
63.08 sq mi
(163.38 km2)
Density 4,300/sq mi (1,700/km2) 1,300/sq mi (500/km2) 4,976/sq mi
1,300/sq mi (510/km2) 11,150/sq mi
2,640/sq mi
Waiting for current


  1. Councils list most/all sites to give impression that these various areas are being considered!
  2. Councils exclude some sites even from consideration (Political Bias/Nimbyism!).
  3. Obviously if any major problems those sites will not be built on, unless political bias! e.g. DHGV.
  4. Where to build then becomes subjective:
    (one of the definitions is: placing excessive emphasis on one’s own moods, attitudes, opinions, etc.; unduly egocentric).
    Not all areas necessarily considered for New Homes Development.
    COUNCILS can deliberately omit areas for consideration, probably due to Political Bias &/or Nimbyism.
    (a) Some Sites are then immediately discounted but the reasons may not be pertinent/relevant. (NO REASONABLE REASON GIVEN).
    (b) Informed Councillors have an input and therefore, those sites discounted.
    (c) Even if a site, therefore, is less suitable than many others it may well be included in the Local Development Plan by Brentwood Borough Council.
    You can then consider the facts and make up your own mind as to the following whether councillors are approving:

    (i)   The best building sites
    (ii)  Protecting their own areas
    (iii) Making decisions for votes
    (iv) Making decisions due to pressure etc.