MHCLG – stands for- Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

Dunton Hills Garden Village – really a New Town

One has to ask does this government department act in a fair and just manner. The current reading of various rules and the way they inter-act with other departments they affect, appears to contradict justice for ALL Councils &/or Residents.

NOTE: One way for the Local Government Boundary Commission for England to carry out a boundary review, is if asked by the MHCLG but as they have granted Brentwood Council £528,000 towards this development obviously will not. Brentwood Council need to provide actual figures how money is being/was spent in due course.
One wonders if they checked Brentwood Councils application but more likely accepted it at face value with any documents supplied or were they instructed to!

As DUNTON is described as the worst area in Brentwood Reports, when accurately amended, it makes one wonder did they manipulate application sending in with selective documentation!

THE FOLLOWING RAISES MANY QUESTIONS & HAVE WRITTEN FOR FURTHER INFORMATION especially for copy of Brentwood Councils application and supporting documentation, as MUST ALL BE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN so can be checked for accuracy and  validity of information.
Also then should be able to disprove/stop anyone making an allegation of inducements/bribes.

For your information received a letter via MP from MHCLG as requested details:


MHCLG became aware of emerging plans for Dunton Hills Garden Village after an expression of interest was received in response to the 2016 prospectus, Locally-Led Garden Cities, Towns, and Villages. This was assessed against the key criteria detailed in the prospectus by MHCLG and Homes England officials, along with all other expressions of interest received.

I would stress that the Government expects all garden villages to be locally-led, and the plans for Dunton Garden Suburb and subsequently Dunton Hills Garden Village were made by the appropriate local authorities. Decisions over joint working will have been taken by Basildon and Brentwood councils.

While I cannot comment specifically on infrastructure which may be required to support Dunton Hills Garden Village; we are fully committed to delivering the necessary infrastructure for housing development, as shown by our£5bn Housing Infrastructure Fund, which aims to provide infrastructure targeted at unlocking new private house building in the areas where housing need is greatest.

Capacity Funding

The key rationale for providing this funding is that, where we have committed to supporting local authority ambitions to create garden villages, they have the resources to make that happen. Delivering a new garden village carries costs for local authorities that are not part of ‘business as usual’, and capacity funding is a central and essential part of our offer.

This funding could, for example, be used to:

  • ensure the local authority has dedicated skilled, staff in place;
  • fund the preparatory studies required to deliver high quality garden communities; and /or
  • fund the sustained community engagement needed to develop a locally-supported vision.

All bids received were jointly assessed by officials from MHCLG and Homes England.
Final decisions on funding allocations were taken by Ministers, based on advice from officials from MHCLG and Homes England.

I am afraid that I am not able to provide copies of any bids made for funding by garden village projects due to commercial sensitivities. Details of funding allocations are provided at Annex A.

Housing targets

The Government does not hold this information as we do not set housing targets. Authorities are expected to plan for their own need, and any “target” within each area will only have been arrived at once constraints and deliverability is factored-in. This is all the responsibility of the local authority and is to be undertaken without unnecessary interference from the Government.


Annex ACapacity Funding Allocated to Garden Villages


Garden Village and Local Authority TOTAL
Welborne – Fareham £723,000
Tresham – East Northants £535,000
West Carclaze – Cornwall £538,000
St Cuthberts – Carlisle City, Cumbria £548,000
Culm – Mid Devon £627,500
Halsnead – Knowsley £627,500
Spitalgate – South Kesteven £548,000
Dunton Hills – Brentwood £528,000
Longcross – Runnymede & Surrey Heath £467,000
Infinity – South Derbyshire and Derby City £389,000
West Oxfordshire – West Oxfordshire £389,000
Bailrigg – Lancaster £358,000
Long Marston – Stratford-on-Avon £458,000
North Cheshire – Cheshire East £416,000
TOTAL: £7,152,000