16th December 2018

CONSULTATION due Nov-Dec on Local Plan delayed and still awaiting date.
We would point out that Brentwood Council have been advised and in our opinion correctly that theire Local Plan (at least in part) is unsound and state it will be challenged at the Planning Inspectorate in due course.

BRENTWOOD COUNCIL even shock us with their admissions AND by THE WAY THEY HAVE RESPONDED TO QUESTIONS, currently also not anwering some of them deliberately:

Also state some details after 4 years yet to be considered/published  – MASTERPLAN & ACTUAL INFRASTRUCTURE (DHGV) up to now only issued Councils thinking!
– UNLIKELY to be, until after they have misrepresented facts/details to the Planning Inspectorate to obtain approval.

    After nearly 4 years of asking to see the Masterplan which they advised yearly again and again was being updated, even in 2017, they advised in September 2018 there is currently no published masterplan for the site and is something that the Council is now working on.
    In fact they advise their most recent thinking in 2017 was when they applied to obtain the grant of £528,000, yet were unable to answer questions to the General Public or their Residents.
    All consultations on Brentwood Councils Local Plan, have been bought into disrepute as no-one knows/knew the real details/facts on the various proposed sites as Brentwood Council ‘Keep On Moving The Goalposts’, SO HOW CAN ANYONE ACCURATELY COMMENT!
    What are the facts and which are fiction!
    Brentwood Council NOW ADVISE after again nearly 4 years is producing an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which will provide an overview of the infrastructure requirements associated with the Local Plan and how Brentwood intend to support the development.
    Again proves that the Planning Department officers lied when supplying information and why unable to answer simple basic questions.
    Brentwood Councils documents in the bid to obtain the grant of £528,000 is at odds with the information they were stating, as they advised they were relying on Basildon Districts infrastructure.

BRENTWOOD COUNCIL ARE LIKE THE PROVERB, ‘A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS’, thereby they change details/comments at whim to whatever suits their purpose.


See under heading m
eet the Leader (Andrew Baggott) sessions which are open to all residents, with no booking required.

PLEASE NOTE: 30/08/2018 (excluded untrue statements)

At meeting on 23rd August 2018 Andrew Baggott advised WILL BE submitting Basildons Local Plan to government with a shortfall as to the Housing Target set.
PLEASE NOTE: However, two points as there is a shortfall:

  • When DHGV (Brentwoods Development) goes before the Planning Inspectorate, if passed (even though unethical and likely reasons they give do not have proper evidence) and the government insist the Housing Target figure met, Basildon extremely likely to suggest Dunton and understand considering up to 3,500 new Homes including reducing in other areas!
  • Also appears to want DHGV in principal though will cost ALL Basildon District residents dearly (To create a Large New Town of over (30,000 people and 17,000 vehicles besides well over 30+Travellers/Gypsy pitches), Read INFRASTRUCTURE pages.

Regarding DHGV, has been given £528,000 pounds of taxpayers money from government to assist them.
One does wonder why they needed this money and what it will be actually really be spent on!

Dunton Hills Garden Village (DHGV)

Brentwood Councils Local Plan, January 2018, shows 4,000 New Homes but now in a report 5,000 quoted.
(Therefore, over 20,000 people and 10,000 vehicles besides over 30 Travellers/Gypsy pitches).
Intend to build well over 50% of their New Homes target (appears over 65%), SOUTH of the A127 which they consider OUTSIDE of Brentwood Districts AREA.

It is obvious that Brentwood intend to build a New Town rather than a Village and will use every means at their disposal to build DHGV even though the Local Development Plans details after scrutiny do not stack up.


  • From comments at meetings for over 3 years and statements made by the Council – similar/same quotes have been used on a regular basis, ”The Masterplan regarding DHGV still needs updating’ and ‘Other documentation has yet to be published’, ‘which means any/all of the following:
    (a) They do not wish you to see the Masterplan, as either is not/hardly ever updated or contains information they do not wish you to see.
    (b) They do not wish anyone to be able to check the facts, accuracy or validity of information/documentation.
    (c) They have the information available but are not willing to disclose it.
    (d) Any forthcoming information they supply will not contain any accurate factual information of real benefit.
  • One is left in the dark Brentwood Councils intentions regarding DHGV infrastructure and how Brentwood intend to support the development!!!
    They have advised intending to rely on Basildons (See under heading Infrastructure).
  • Need to have a copy of the Councils submission for the £528,000 grant, as no doubt it will answer a great deal of questions.
    It must be in the public domain to ensure can be checked for validity/factually correct and avoid allegations of inducements for the Councils benefit.
  • Currently reported that the eventual development will be 5,000 New Homes but will this figure again be increased!
    Note state around 4,000 New Homes, in their January 2018 Local Plan.
  • It appears the council deliberately will proceed even though the facts quoted cannot be factually backed up as currently appear flawed and rigged.
  • The council advise are currently busy preparing the next round of Brentwoods Local Plan for consultation in the autumn, 2018, which appears a total waste of time as they ignore comments!

Have requested information NOW so have time to check the facts and stop this unethical development in its tracks, unless the council can supply accurate documentation which stands up to scrutiny!

See under heading m
eet the Leader (Andrew Baggott) sessions which are open to all residents, with no booking required.