BEBRIEF: Brentwood Exploit Basildon Residents InfrastructurE & Fenland (Critical Drainage Area) which has a large Major Gas Pipeline.
Also this development will adversely affect other Councils/Residents.

Even Brentwood Council reports show site unsuitable!
But Brentwood Council consider South of A127 Not in Brentwoods District.
Currently intending over 20,000 residents, 10,000 vehicles, plus over 30 Traveller/Gypsy pitches
Informed the NPPF (Read Page HOUSING TARGETS) does not give any/adequate protection
for certain areas (even if unsuitable for development), Councils or Residents.

Residents of West Horndon should Note Brentwood, in the beginning,
did consider increasing the size of their village by building 4,500 New Homes.

Brentwood Councils approach to their actions regarding providing New Homes to meet Housing Targets appears, is dump them on other Councils. This is in order they will maximise ALL income with ALL costs, maintenance and problems falling on Basildon & Other South East Essex Councils.

Now it MUST be noted with the upcoming development of the Lower Thames Crossing, this will increase demand for New Homes and Roads, putting further strain on South East Essex Infrastructure.
NOTE: Revenue from the Dartford River Crossing appears used for decades to support massive road improvements in Kent, but not Essex.
Also with the South East Essex Councils meeting Housing Targets will already increase major infrastructure problems.

NOTE: Council taxes provide sustaining/improving infrastructure, however, in the development of DHGV and Brentwood stating relying on Basildons infrastructure means:

  • Brentwood receive ALL the income.
  • Basildon receive nothing, except ALL the costs maintaining Brentwoods development year on year.

ALL BASILDON COUNCILLORS MUST OBJECT TO THIS DEVELOPMENT and do their utmost to stop it, otherwise will result in increased council taxes &/or reduced services, plus cause other major problems for Basildon District Residents.
If councillors do not object but approve of this development, then one has to ask are they Fit For Office as not protecting Basildon Residents.

Therefore, if this unethical/unsuitable development proceeds then the following MUST happen:

  1. No NEW roads to join/cross into Basildon District. ALL roads to join A128 only.
  2. No NEW bus lanes to be provided to Basildon District. To use existing roads including A128 and A127.
    Points 1 & 2 help to protect Basildon District.
  3. No children from DHGV to be allowed to go to schools in Basildon District.
    Only exceptions are for those children, who already attend Basildon District Schools and their siblings.
  4. All Social services to be provided by Brentwood.
  5. All Health Services, including NHS, to be provided in Brentwood District.
  6. All normal council services to be provided by Brentwood Council and paid for by them.