Dunton Hills Garden Village

Brentwood Council likes to call DUNTON a village but in fact will create a New Town in all but name.
Trying to sell the site with a cute sounding name but know they are being unethical with alleged flawed and rigged reports. Informed considering 5,000 New Homes for this site, over 20,000 people and 10,000 vehicles plus over 30 Travellers/Gypsy pitches.

Brentwood Councils planning department aware and have admitted relying mainly on Basildon Districts infrastructure CAUSING Basildon Council to raise Council Tax &/or Reduce council services and Basildon Residents severe problems, besides major Transport problems for ALL COUNCILS in South East, (Basildon, Brentwood, Castle Point BCs, Rochford DC, Southend-on-Sea, Thurrock and the London Borough of Havering).

NEW INFRASTRUCTURE proposed for BRENTWOOD’S development appears is just a wish list to stop opposition/complaints ,

  • Basildon Council & Residents: ALL COSTS and the financial burden due to lack of or no real infrastructure will fall on Basildon District and its residents, year on year, with increased council taxes accordingly and/or fewer services, e.g. Schools, Health Services , Transport, Roads etc.
  • Brentwood Council are aware will adversely affect ALL LOCAL COUNCILS e.g. Transport, especially A127 & C2C trains.
    See below for more details.

Brentwood Council appear deliberately omitted major Gas Pipeline and will not confirm site will be perfectly safe and risk free, as advise not considered their responsibility.

Brentwood Council expect just continued profits for this site:
Read under Heading, ‘Brentwood Council Profits’.

INFRASTRUCTURE FACTS STATED below includes information from Brentwood Council:

The following does not take into account the 20,000 new homes Basildon must build, thereby Brentwood’s proposed development will severely exacerbate infrastructure problems.

Brentwood Council advise the large Major Gas Pipeline is not their responsibility and will not confirm will ensure be perfectly safe and risk free!

Brentwood have stated
ALL places to be provided in Basildon District and do not expect to consider building any new schools until after 2030.
Will rely on existing Schools in Basildon District:
Secondary Schools: (Brentwood quoted) Billericay, Basildon, Wickford etc.
Primary/Junior:      (Brentwood quoted) Laindon, Billericay, Basildon, Wickford etc.
Means WILL CAUSE MAJOR PROBLEMS for Basildon Schools and Residents:  e.g. Finding school places for Basildon District residents  children, MUST come first.

Have stated this is responsibility for the NHS to provide, no funding will be provided.
Again Brentwood advise will rely on NHS services in Basildon District:
e.g. Laindon Health centre and Basildon Hospital.
Laindon Health Centre is already at capacity so increase will only exacerbate problem, stops taking on patients at times besides weeks to see the doctor you want.  Also increases demands on Basildon Hospital which has black days.

Have stated this is not Brentwood Councils problem.

They realise residents will be vehicle dominated, up to around 10,000 as planning to increase size of development.

Brentwood advise ALL new residents to rely on Laindon and West Horndon Stations; C2C now has standing room only/no extra capacity, so again cause major problems this time for commuters.
So again cause major problems this time for commuters, who travel between Southend to London and vice versa will be, MORE LIKELY TO STAND if can EVEN BOARD THE TRAINS at least on one of the journeys, due to lack of capacity on C2C trains.

Brentwood Council have stated this is not their problem,
it is the responsibility of Essex County Council, no funding by Brentwood.
Brentwood are aware of significant problems on A127 already e.g. Congestion/pollution and proposal may well cause roads to be gridlocked, including local roads
e.g. Dunton flyover besides A127. Even now A127 has significant traffic jams with long tailbacks and any accident severely exacerbates the problem.
Brentwood have stated site to be vehicle orientated and aware of further congestion and pollution will cause problems for all those who travel from Southend to London and vice versa.
Their proposal may well cause roads A127 & Local Roads e.g. Dunton flyover to become gridlocked at times, besides increasing journey times but advise not their problem.
(Essex County Council are aware of existing major problems and that this  development may well cause gridlock & will increase journey times).
If this unethical development does proceed which appears will only be because of political bias, then NONE of the roads should be allowed to link to Basildon’s area or Dunton Flyover, only A128 and not A127 directly.

Brentwood Council have stated this is up to bus company’s to decide if/when they wish to provide services, no funding.
Therefore, ensuring site is vehicle orientated and relying on Basildons infrastructure only.

May provide a few but know totally inadequate for this NEW TOWN.

FLOODING/Surface water, SOIL & WATER CONTAMINATION (Brentwood Council state not their problem)
Brentwood Reports indicated ALL the above likely adversely affecting  Dunton Hills Garden Village residents and Basildon residents!
Brentwood Council  will not confirm site will be perfectly safe and risk free, as advise not considered their responsibility.
Brentwood refer to Dunton as Fenland (which is a critical drainage area), as stated on maps, so understand why their reports state providing water features!

There are more points to be considered; e.g. Social Services, refuge collection etc.