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Dunton Hills Garden Village (DHGV)

The aim of this website is to provide facts, though difficult at times due to having to disseminate Facts from Fiction, to COUNCILs & their RESIDENTS in order that everybody cannot only object to this unethical development but stop it ever being built, as Brentwood Borough Councils reports contain Fabricated/Manipulated information besides some details totally omitted.
Also difficult as Brentwood Council being evasive or obstructive in obtaining relevant accurate information.

The costs to ensure no major problems; To overcome Water/Soil contamination and Flooding/Surface Water on this Fenland site which has a large major Gas Pipeline, means DHGV is a totally unviable site for development.

If Brentwood Borough Council disagree with any of the facts on this website then please email (Refer to CONTACT page).
Then please supply proof by printing paper copies of any report or document which will then be collected from your offices.
The comments and documents will then be checked to see if any amendments are required.