1st October 2018

BRENTWOOD COUNCIL even shock us with their admissions AND by THE WAY THEY HAVE RESPONDED TO QUESTIONS, currently also not anwering some of them deliberately:

Also state some details after 4 years yet to be considered/published – UNLIKELY to be, until after they have misrepresented facts/details to the Planning Inspectorate to obtain approval.

    After nearly 4 years of asking to see the Masterplan which they advised yearly again and again was being updated, even in 2017, they NOW ADVISED in September 2018 there is currently no published masterplan for the site and is something that the Council is now working on.
    In fact they advise their most recent thinking in 2017 was when they applied to obtain the grant of £528,000, yet were unable to answer questions to the General Public or their Residents, EVEN WHEN THESE REPORTS WERE ISSUED!
    All consultations on Brentwood Councils Local Plan, have been bought into disrepute as no-one knows/knew the real details/facts on the various proposed sites as Brentwood Council ‘Keep On Moving The Goalposts’, SO HOW CAN ANYONE ACCURATELY COMMENT!
    What are the facts and which are fiction!
    Brentwood Council NOW ADVISE after again nearly 4 years is producing an Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) which will provide an overview of the infrastructure requirements associated with the Local Plan and how Brentwood intend to support the development.
    Again proves that the Planning Department officers lied when ADVISING information NOT AVAILABLE and ONE WONDERS why unable to answer simple basic questions.
    Brentwood Councils documents in the bid to obtain the grant of £528,000 is at odds with the information they were stating, as they advised they were relying on Basildon Districts infrastructure.

BRENTWOOD COUNCIL ARE LIKE THE PROVERB, ‘A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS’, thereby they change details/comments at whim to whatever suits their purpose:
TO ENSURE NO-ONE OR ORGANISATION etc. can make accurate comments/objections and stop what is an unethical development or regarding their LOCAL PLAN, the reports NOT BEING FIT FOR PURPOSE.



BEBRIEF: Brentwood Exploit Basildon Residents InfrastructurE & Fenland (a Critical Drainage Area) which has a large Major Gas Pipeline.
Also this development will adversely affect other Councils/Residents.

Brentwoods Local development plan is Not Fit for Purpose (needs complete investigation &/or challenge, with DUNTON HILLS GARDEN VILLAGE development to be removed) as they do not answer or even supply full information to Basildon Council besides residents (Brentwood’s or Basildon’s) when asked various questions and therefore, their proposed development, DHGV, must not be allowed to be considered by the planning inspectorate.
(SEE PETITIONS page currently being CONSIDERED).

Please Note: ON THIS WEBSITE WISH TO PROVIDE FACTS, whilst Difficult at times due to lack of cooperation and transparency besides having to disseminate Facts from Fiction and BRENTWOOD COUNCIL for the last 4 years (to August 2018) having been deliberately evasive or obstructive.

Brentwood Council/Councillors appear to have ensured that their reports, since 2014 to date are economical with the truth and do not contain complete actual real facts, allegedly flawed, rigged, misleading and deliberately contain misinformation.




New Homes now quoted as 4,000 in January 2018 Local Development Plan
+ over 30 Travellers/Gypsy pitches
Gross Area 257 Hectares (635 acres) Building Area 128.5 Hectares (317.5 acres)
However, Please Note Brentwood advised have more land available but refusing to supply information.
Therefore, as high as 30,000 residents, over 16,000 vehicles & even over 100 Traveller/Gypsy pitches!
BRENTWOOD BOROUGH COUNCIL (BBC) Fabricated/Manipulated/Omitted information in reports.

Understand the density of housing is to be nearly 8 times higher than the rest of Brentwood District, in order that well over 50% of Brentwood’s Housing target is dumped in an area not considered part of their district and infrastucture costs fall on Basildon Council.

Brentwood Council will not confirm site will be perfectly safe and risk free, advising any problems with either the Major Gas Pipeline or FLOODING/Surface water, SOIL & WATER CONTAMINATION, indicated in their reports are not their responsibility, even if adversely affecting  DHGV &/or Basildon residents!

NOTE: Dunton Hills Garden Village (DHGV) is in/near flood risk area according to the Environment Agency. 
Brentwood Council state will provide water features, besides likely Soil/Water contamination (in reports).

Why this site described by Brentwood Council and on Maps as FENLAND is unsuitable for development:

  1. Liable to Flood &/or Surface Water as stated in report(s).
    Brentwood refer to Dunton as Fenland (which is a critical drainage area), as stated on maps, so understand why their reports state providing water features!
    Will not confirm perfectly Safe & Risk Free as advise not their responsibility.
  2. Soil and Water Contamination as stated in reports.
    In the above points 1 & 2 they do not advise/state how these problems alone will be overcome but do state Water Features will be provided.
  3. Omitted details of Major GAS PIPELINE from reports.
    Will not confirm perfectly Safe & Risk Free as advise not their responsibility.
  4. Air Quality would be Red 5 (The Worst) based on wording of Brentwood Council reports.
    For more reasons please read ALL pages, especially  INFRASTRUCTURE & REPORTS on this website, proving this Fenland site is totally unsuitable. You will then ascertain this Fenland site is not only unsuitable but will cause major problems and costs for Basildon Council, ALL Basildon District Residents, plus adversely affect ALL Council Residents in Southend-on-Sea, Rochford, Castle Point, Thurrock and London Borough of Havering, especially those who drive (as more drivers will use A13 as an alternative to the A127) & use C2C trains.

Why Brentwood Council want this unethical development to proceed and what TAKING NO REAL ACTION means:
READ also Page Infrastructure – Exploitation.
BRENTWOOD’S REPORTS Proves DHGV at DUNTON is the worst area for development.

a) Brentwood Council Profits without providing infrastructure:

    Around £36+ Million pounds from government, besides Council taxes and other grants etc.
  • ALL infrastructure problems/maintenance costs will be caused to Councils: Basildon, Castle Point BCs, Rochford DC, Southend-on-Sea, Thurrock Council & London Borough of Havering and their residents. Plus any Brentwood Residents who use the A127 or C2C trains.

b) Little or No cost for Brentwood as mainly will fall on Basildon Council and its residents, plus next to nothing in maintenance costs, as considered Basildons Problem.
c) Will cause Other Councils and Residents to have the Problems.
d) Not considered in Brentwood District so minor development in Brentwood District;
e) Brentwood Council Exploit Local Development Plan
Realise the best areas for New Homes have either been never considered/omitted/discounted from the plans deliberately: e.g. Greenfield sites North of A12, Pilgrims Hatch, North Brentwood etc. besides manipulation of facts e.g. Pilgrims Hatch etc. and other areas which ALL should read one Gold Star for Air Quality. There would be great demand in these areas.
f) To ensure most New Residents from outside the Brentwood area will live in an area that is considered Outside Of Brentwoods District.
g) Ensure house prices are kept high and rise in certain areas of Brentwood with other areas North of A12 kept pristine.

Note Brentwood Council benefits from the above and from the fact that their Housing Target is very small, (Formula appears biased in favour of certain Councils e.g. Brentwood) whilst a very large area, compared to other local councils, besides low population.
Therefore, either new rules/legislation required.

Also means Basildon’s Housing Target really increased to just under 24,000 whilst Brentwood’s decreased to under 4,000. Though Brentwood get all the profits and Basildon all the costs.

BRENTWOOD’S REPORTS Proves DHGV at DUNTON is the worst area.
As Brentwood Council FLAWED & RIGGED REPORTS prove their Local Development Plan MUST be totally rejected and go back to the drawing board to consider in which areas of Brentwood New Homes should be built, without Political Bias, Manipulation etc. of actual real facts.
 Reasons are simple – Reports: (i) Too many inaccuracies, (ii) Not ALL areas considered, (iii) Areas discounted for the wrong reasons (iv) The evidence has been deliberately misinterpreted on development(s) and (v) Decisions not made where to build on accurate facts and in best areas, due to political bias.

Read page Brentwoods Local Development Plan and see table.
PLEASE NOTE – Missing SUPERB GREENFIELD SITES NORTH of A12 where development is wanted by Brentwood Residents, suitable for well over 40,000 NEW HOMES as a start with at least 50% Social/Affordable.
Also should be building thousands of New Homes in Pilgrims Hatch and North Brentwood.
These areas have good road connections: e.g. M25, A12, A414, M11 and have other roads enhanced e.g. A113.

Note: DUNTON GARDEN SUBURB – ended 2014/5: Joint proposal ended as Brentwood Borough Council had not carried out comparable studies to Basildon Borough Council to determine it was a suitable location for development.
READ SUB PAGE under Local Development Plan for full details (Dunton garden Suburb & West Horndon).

Informed government instructed councils to work together but in this case Brentwood continue to act unethically, trying to be Masters with Basildon (and other Councils) as its slave(s).

Please read Page ACTION REQUIRED for full details:  due to Brentwood Council deliberate unethical actions:
Brentwood Residents, Basildon Council and various other Councils &/or their Residents can
1) Challenge Brentwood Councils Local Development Plan, as advised, ‘Local Plan challenges must be based on making a case about an incorrect application of legislation, national policy, a lack of evidence or the alleged misinterpretation of evidence to arrive at a particular policy decision’ which applies to their Local Development Plan.

2) Request a PRINCIPAL AREA BOUNDARY REVIEW: to incorporating the part of Dunton currently in Brentwood Borough, into Basildon’s Borough.
Unfortunately the boundary commission will only currently act if both Brentwood & Basildon Council ask but see page, ACTION REQUIRED – sub page Local Government Boundary Commission for England.
Please read latter page as looking at considering a petition to change legislation in order that just one Council, (in this case Basildon) or Residents can ask for a boundary change!

Please also read other pages e.g. REPORTS – Flawed & Rigged, INFRASTRUCTURE – Exploitation etc. 


1) DHGV proposed development must be withdrawn from the Local Development Plan with immediate effect.
If not
2) Brentwood Councils Local Development Plan MUST be challenged, as is not completely based on evidence/facts as Reports also containing inaccuracies prove.
3) As Brentwood Council consider Dunton outside Brentwood District as South of A127, to be transferred to Basildon Council with immediate effect.
If not Basildon Council MUST apply for a Principal Area Boundary Review.

OF COURSE A GREAT DEAL DEPENDS ON THE GOVERNMENT and its DEPARTMENTS and therefore, rules &/or legislation changes  need to be considered (Petition(s)!)
as current rules do not appear acting in the best interests of ALL Councils &/or their residents.

Rules Not Fit For Purpose

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England state must undertake a Principal area boundary review (PABR) of the external boundary of a district or county at the request of a local council
but at present (currently apply biased rules) as their current policy is not to take action unless it is  requested by all local authorities affected, so one Council can adversely affect another.

BASILDON & Other COUNCILs must prepare now to take action to protect their Residents from this unethical development, DHGV, which will adversely affect tens/hundreds of thousands of residents (e.g. Roads A127 & Trains C2C) and means: Higher Council taxes &/or Reduced Council Services, at least for ALL Basildon District Residents.

If Brentwood Borough Council disagree with any of the facts on this website then please send email (Refer to CONTACT page).
Then please supply proof by printing paper copies of any report or document which will then be collected from your offices.
The comments and documents will then be checked to see if any amendments are required.