The government should ensure their departments, besides rules and regulations are fair and just for every Council District & Residents.

Therefore, let us examine Brentwood Council to other Local Councils: Firstly is has a very large area, Secondly a small population compared to others and Thirdly set a very low housing target.
One wonders is this due to deliberate political bias or that New Rules/Legislation is required?

Brentwood could easily be ordered to construct 40,000 New Homes, mainly 2 & 3 bed houses of Social (25%) Affordable (35%) Housing, in the best (most suitable areas for development): Greenfield Sites North of A12, Pilgrims Hatch & North Brentwood and would be in great demand from Brentwood Residents alone as they wish families to live in the same/near area but there is a shortfall of New affordable Homes.
They have an excellent infrastructure but then Brentwood Council would no doubt object. Building in these areas would resolve many MPs comments regarding provision of Social/Affordable Housing and bring Brentwood more into line with other Council areas.
Brentwood Residents who want New Homes in the above areas know their requests will not be considered by certain Councillors and therefore, only a few ask as many believe it is a waste of time. Also where they do not want houses built know the decision will be made by councillors who will ignore their views.
You can draw your own conclusion(s) as to the reason(s).

The reasons are simple:

  1. Would mean NOT the type of residents they want in their area.
  2. It is known New Homes attract people from out of area e.g. London etc. but not wanted by them.
  3. May Lower house prices.
  4. Want to keep certain areas pristine.
  5. Do not want to build New Homes in areas they actually consider are part of Brentwood District but want them built with Travellers/Pitches where they consider is out of area.
  6. Also regarding point 5 means they receive ALL income/profits with infrastructure costs/problems falling on other councils and their residents.
    Meaning in Basildon Councils case: Higher Council Taxes &/or Reduced Council Services, plus cause severe Transport problems for ALL Local Councils Residents who use the A12 (Also A13 as residents may well switch) or C2C trains.

The building of Social (25%) Affordable (35%) Housing plus usual New Homes in Greenfield Sites North of A12, Pilgrims Hatch & North Brentwood would bring Brentwood Council more into line with other Councils but then there is NIMBYISM & POLITICAL BIAS.

Must also take into account when the Lower Thames Crossing is built this will mean thousands more being built in Thurrock and Basildon Districts.



If one council builds 500 or more homes on the boundary of another council and that council or residents group objects or asks questions, then the council proposing the development must within 3 months supply he following: 

  1. 5 Paper copy of ALL documentation regarding the development with at least one to each residents group (Max 2) and remainder to council.
    The council to have one complete set available to all members of the public.
  2. Full copy of evidence(s) supporting their claims/reports information.
  3. Copy of All contracts proposed/with any interested party(ies), including developers.
    Then one can ascertain if reasons include inducements.
  4. Supply 5 copies of any future documentation to each of the party(ies) in points i to iii.

Once the information has been supplied to and received by the respective parties then the proposed development cannot be sent/included for consideration by the planning inspectorate until after 6 months have elapsed and any further questions arising/raised have been answered.

WITHIN 2 MONTHS OF DOCUMENTATION BEING PROVIDED THEN BOTH COUNCILS representatives TO MEET, WITH LOCAL RESIDENTS GROUP(s) REPRESENTATIVES to discuss and will then be able to see if further questions arise.

This will ensure that ALL parties are able to give a coherent case to be considered by the planning inspectorate.
Also residents groups to be able to question ALL witnesses besides the councils.