Dunton Hills Garden Village (DGHV)

Brentwood Councils Local Plan, January 2018, shows 4,000 New Homes but now in a report 5,000 quoted.
(Therefore, over 20,000 people and 10,000 vehicles besides over 30 Travellers/Gypsy pitches).
Intend to build well over 50% of their New Homes target (appears over 65%), SOUTH of the A127 which they consider OUTSIDE of Brentwood Districts AREA.

Brentwood Council likes to call DUNTON a village but in fact will create a New Town in all but name.

The site is not suitable for development but Brentwood Council expect:

a) To receive over £36 million pounds plus from government for this site alone.
b) To increase number of New Homes.
c) Given additional £528,000 from government but what will they use this money for!
d) Receive ALL Council Tax
e) Little or No costs plus maintenance and problems fall mainly on Basildon or Other Councils and their Residents.
f) Alleged other benefits maybe referred to as inducements but awaiting information from Brentwood Council.

ALL/MOST COSTS/PROBLEMS/INFRASTRUCTURE falls on other councils (Read Page Infrastructure).
Therefore, Brentwood Council will collect Council Tax forever without having to fork out hardly any annual maintenance costs.

    So Brentwood Council will take the income (profits) whilst other Council(s) and their Residents will bear the cost (upkeep) and the problems this development will bring.

Know BASILDON COUNCIL residents will have increased taxes &/or reduction in services; to PROVIDE SERVICES FOR BRENTWOOD’S Development upkeep and KNOWINGLY WILL REDUCE QUALITY OF SERVICE FOR BASILDON RESIDENTS!

Planning has stated that it takes 15 years for a development to pay for itself but in this case Brentwood get all the financial benefits and Basildon most of the costs.