BASILDON COUNCIL not currently taking real action to stop Dunton Hills garden Village (Actually a Town) which Brentwood Council appreciate.
With land available will increase this planned Town to a large size.

Note: DUNTON GARDEN SUBURB – ended 2014/5: Joint proposal ended as Brentwood Borough Council had not carried out comparable studies to Basildon Borough Council to determine it was a suitable location for development.

ALL BASILDON COUNCILLORS MUST OBJECT TO THIS DEVELOPMENT and do their utmost to stop it, otherwise will result in increased council taxes &/or reduced services, plus cause other major problems for Basildon District Residents.
If councillors do not object but approve of this development, then one has to ask are they Fit For Office as not protecting Basildon Residents.

Meet the Leader (Andrew Baggott) sessions are open to all residents, with no booking required.