COMPLAIN about Brentwood Borough Council

COMPLAIN about Brentwood Borough Council

If you wish to complain about Brentwood Council then the above link takes you to Local Government Ombudsman website. 

The lack of co-operation and transparency by Brentwood Council can only bring everybody to the following conclusion: They are either incompetent or have something to hide.

For over 3 years (to August 2018) the Planning Department at Brentwood Council have been
uncooperative, evasive and obstructive in order that no-one from Brentwood or elsewhere can obtain the required information/evidence on comments or reports regarding the Local Plan (especially regarding Dunton Hills Garden Village).

They never appear to wish to respond to telephone calls, respond to messages left, supply information as they just expect you to go away.

in answer to their request(s).

Etiquette (Manners) is something Brentwood Council appears to lack and their stock answers when replying are:

  1. On Ringing Planning:
    The person you ask for cannot be found or maybe at a meeting or on holiday, as no Diary!
  2. Lack of staff.
    (Even though for some reason have been given £528,000 by government for Dunton Hills Garden Village – It would be interesting to know what this money has/will be spent on and seeing an actual breakdown to confirm how the money has been spent in due course)
  3. The team is currently too busy on other matters.
  4. As unable or unwilling to answer – just say, ‘Look in reports’ but are unable to advise which reports (where to look) and if one looks for relevant information is either not there or is very difficult if lucky to find.
  5. Not replying at all (including to emails) and if you then speak to them, give answers 2, 3 or 4 above.
  6. ‘The information is yet to be published’ but then does not either contain the information required or never is published.
  7. Infrastructure: Unable to supply details what actually will come into effect and when, as appears is just a wish list to placate everyone and stop complaints.
    Brentwood Council have stated they expect Dunton Hills Garden Village residents to rely on Basildon Districts Infrastructure.
  8. ‘The Masterplan is to be updated’ but never is, as staff cannot answer simple questions or uncontactable.
    Even asking for a copy of the Masterplan for Dunton Hills Garden Village is never supplied.