Local Government Boundary Commission for England

Local Government Boundary Commission for England  https://www.lgbce.org.uk/

Informed by them that their current policy (August 2018) is to only consider/look at a boundary change in the following circumstances:

  1. When both/all councils involved ask for a boundary review.
  2. When requested by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government – MHCLG (See New Page under construction)

What is a Principal Area Boundary Review (PABR)

Of course Basildon Council should be consider actioning a request for a boundary change (but currently need Brentwood Council to agree), supported perhaps by other councils as it will be in ALL residents interest.
Other councils residents will seriously be affected by Transport problems (Read page INFRASTRUCTURE) e.g. Transport: Roads (A127) & Trains (C2C).

Therefore, considering Petitioning for a change in legislation in order that the boundary commission will review ALL of Dunton being placed under Basildon Councils control by petitioning the government:
1) So one or more Councils can apply e.g. Basildon Council can apply.
ii) So Residents can apply say minimum 5,000.

More details will be added under Page PETITONS as they become available.

ALL Residents need protection from Brentwood Councils unethical actions, to use Basildons Infrastructure for a site, Dunton Hills Garden Village, which they describe as the worst area as Fenland and unsuitable in reports.
If development proceeds will result in increased Council Taxes &/or reduced services for ALL Basildon Residents.
Plus severe Transport problems for ALL local council residents (Read page INFRASTRUCTURE).