UPDATED 10th September 2018

What is surprising is that Cllr Andrew Baggott, Conservative, Leader of Basildon Council complains what Chelmford Council built/building on top of Wickford, yet agrees with DHGV by Brentwood, a Large new Town!

As Cllr Andrew Baggott, Conservative, Leader of Basildon Council, appears to back DHGV in principal as wanting to build 3,500 new Homes at Dunton to create a Large Town, the current way forward is limited:

  • To Challenge Brentwood’s Local Plan appears far too expensive for residents, besides current rules.
  • Governments restrictictions for a boundary change protect councils like Brentwood but Basildon Council propose No Action

NO ACTION CURRENTLY BEING CONSIDERED by Basildon Council re DHGV except requesting information!

Certain Brentwood Residents only want New Homes in North of Brentwood District but for various reasons are not prepared to currently speak out.



  1. CURRENTLY REFUSED BY Cllr Andrew Baggott, Conservative, Leader of Basildon Council, as appears backs DHGV.
  1. To hold a FULL COUNCIL MEETING (WEBCAST) at Basildon Sporting Village (starting at 7pm) just on Dunton & Dunton Hills Garden Village, so you can state your case.
    Presently setting a date in Late October which of course depends on the FULL FACTS to be supplied by Basildon Council and Brentwood Council.
  2. Council states it case for Dunton and cooperation regarding Dunton & Dunton Hills Garden Village, including infrastructure.
  3. Dragged and Raid representatives allowed to make statements of facts. Question Councillors etc.
  4. Members of Public allowed to question/make points.
  5. Council to arrange having a REFERENDUM for ALL BASILDON RESIDENTS 7 days later to vote on: i) DHGV development and ii) DUNTON
    As councillors are elected to act on residents behalf you no doubt wish to proceed on their direction!
  6. Council action(s) required regarding Government unfair/unjust policies etc.
    As currently Brentwood have a far larger area (39%) and far smaller population (140%) than Basildon, therefore, currently appears government want to leave Brentwood District in a pristine condition and concrete over Basildon’s.


  • Currently Leaving only following course of ACTION open to RESIDENTS when Planning Inspectorate hold Brentwoods Local Plan to account to then ask questions/object to DUNTON HILLS GARDEN VILLAGE.
  • In meantime ask Brentwood Planning questions the more the merrier and in not acknowledged within 2 weeks, complain to their Chief executive. Also if do not receive a full reply within one month of your email again complain to their Chief executive.

23rd August 2018
Andrew Baggott expects the Planning Inspector to throw out/stop Brentwood’s proposed development DUNTON HILLS GARDEN VILLAGE due to lack of evidence and sustainability.
However, as it appears the Government through their departments appear to be backing the scheme, even though Fenland, Unsuitable area, lack of viable evidence and will adversely affect many Councils Residents especially Basildon’s , either the government have not looked at the facts or appear do not care!

Therefore, Basildon, Other Councils & Residents MUST Lead a campaign (which all MPs of all parties should support) to: Challenge Brentwood’s Local Plan regarding DHGV and consider making application to the BOUNDARY COMMISION for ENGLAND for a Boundary Change so ALL of DUNTON comes under Basildon Control, as Brentwood Borough Council do not consider Dunton part of Brentwood District which they describe as Fenland (as it is on maps).
Brentwood’s development will result in severe problems for not only Basildon Council Residents but also other council residents e.g. Transport: See Page INFRASTRUCTURE – EXPLOITATION.


Challenge Brentwood’s Local Plan

1) Brentwood’s Local Development Plan (LDP) is open to challenge, as advised, ‘Local Plan challenges must be based on making a case about an incorrect application of legislation, national policy, a lack of evidence or the alleged misinterpretation of evidence to arrive at a particular policy decision’ which applies to their LDP.

Basildon Council & Others MUST therefore, Challenge Brentwood Councils LDP (e.g. DHGV).
Also Brentwood Residents can challenge their councils LDP,
especially as not ALL areas considered.
Plus read under other headings e.g. REPORTS – Flawed & Rigged.

Make application to the BOUNDARY COMMISION for ENGLAND for a Boundary Change

2) BASILDON COUNCIL (maybe supported by other councils) MUST consider asking for a PRINCIPAL AREA BOUNDARY REVIEW (PABR)
to have DUNTON area under the control of Brentwood Council transferred to Basildon Council: –

Basildon Council advised the 2 points which have to be looked at for a PRINCIPAL AREA BOUNDARY REVIEW (PABR) are:

– The need to secure effective convenient and effective local government;
– The need to reflect the identities and interests of local communities.

The first part is obvious to ALL, ‘The need to secure effective convenient and effective local government’ and what are more LOCAL Basildon Council and its residents’.

The second part is again obvious to ALL, ‘The need to reflect the identities and interests of local communities’ as the local communities are in Basildon District.

One TRUSTS that unless Brentwood Council can fully justify their proposed development named  Dunton Hills Garden Village (which is really a New Town) that Basildon Council Challenge their LDP but also consider going for a PABR, proving they are prepared to act on Basildon Residents behalf by whom they are elected, knowing it will adversely affect ALL residents financially and the infrastructure on which everyone relies.