MARCH 2019

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Note: DUNTON GARDEN SUBURB – ended 2014/5: Joint proposal ended as Brentwood Borough Council had not carried out comparable studies to Basildon Borough Council to determine it was a suitable location for development.

Brentwood Councils lack of co-operation and transparency, when asking for information/documentation, leads to confirmation of allegations that the Local Development Plan needs complete investigation &/or challenge.


LATEST information states Brentwood intend 4,000 New Homes for this site in Brentwood’s January 2018 Local Plan.
However in documents states/indicates expansion of development  and may make it a Large Town!
Also read under other pages and you will note that Brentwood Council are not acting ethically or with total honesty.

The 3 main protagonists for Brentwood Borough Council who understand made the original decision:

Councillor Barry Aspinell comments, when leader of Brentwood Borough Council, ward Pilgrims Hatch:

  • Claimed this development will have the least effect on Brentwood Residents.
  • Aware of the backlash of people living in West Horndon, who rejected the Tory candidate at the last borough election because of plans for 1,500 homes in the village is quoted as saying, “That is why we listened to the consultation, we realised a council seat was lost over that and we are not going down the same silly road.”
    So then far less houses proposed, as already scared the residents accepted without any real objections.

Councillor Philip Baker, Brentwood First, Chair of Planning & Development Committee, ward Shenfield: (Advised stood down May 2015)
On BBC Essex, 2014/5, stated People do not realise this area even belongs to Brentwood as is over the other side of the A128/A127: when asked about population of 20,000: Replied it is desirable area, What should we do Move to Carlisle, Yorkshire Moors.

Councillor Philip Mynott, Liberal Democrat, Vice-Chair Brentwood Planning and Development Control Committee, ward Brentwood North:
On March 12th 2015 at a meeting at James Hornsby School held by the action group RAID, used scaremongering tactics to push for development at Dunton, indicating if not agreed Government would force through decision!

BRENTWOOD Councillor Barry Aspinell‘s Politically Motivated comments in 2017:
Below article put into bullet points with  comments in italics:

In — ESSEX NEWS LIVE article 10th January 2017
Point 1 & 2 below Proves areas he considers Outside of Brentwoods District are best for development.
NOTE Brentwood has excellent, air quality, infrastructure, Crossrail, job opportunities and other superb features.
Even though Brentwood’s Reports when accurately amended prove best areas where demand is are:
Pilgrims Hatch, North Brentwood & North of A12, including the vast Greenfield sites in these areas.

Proves he considers areas not considered in Brentwoods District are the best areas for development.

  1. He denies the decision was a political one.
    Yes it was and still is a political decision. See also point 11.
  2. “It was the most logical decision possible,” he said. “It was a vacant area owned by a relatively small number of people. I think it was three owners for 500 acres”.
    Yes it was and still is a political decision. See also point 11.
  3. “It was not going to infringe on residents in West Horndon or Herongate and Ingrave”. It was an ideal step to starting a brand new community with good infrastructure in place before they started building the houses”.
    As he considers DUNTON as Out of (Brentwood District) Area and relying on Basildons infrastructure.
  4. “It was done in co-operation with Basildon as a fully-fledged partner. We entered into a legal agreement with Basildon called a memorandum of understanding”.
    Basildon had to look at joint proposal (Dunton Garden Suburb) under government guidelines but pulled out because of inadequate details from Brentwood Council.
  5. “Both councils were going to benefit from this development. Basildon was in a pickle because they had to find a lot of houses. The people of Billericay and Wickford were saying ‘no way, not in my back yard”.
    Again false, as unable to justify development at Dunton.
  6. “”To them it was a godsend. I think that’s the exact words they said when they signed.”
    Again false, as unable to justify development at Dunton.
  7. Cllr Aspinell claims the fear of losing the election to Ukip councillors made Cllr Turner change his mind.
    False, due to poor details from Brentwood Council.
  8. He continued: “It was fine when we were running Brentwood, but when Louise McKinlay took over they then pulled away and didn’t like it”.
    Again false, Brentwood Council details were not forthcoming.
  9. “As far as I’m concerned they’re still for it, but have to say this publicly”.
    Again false, as unable to justify development at Dunton.
  10. “”It seems Cllr Turner and his group are under threat from politicians in Basildon from the Ukip and Labour coalition and that’s being fuelled by the fact a couple of Tories in the Laindon are frightened of losing seats in the upcoming election and so they’re looking to pass the buck from the responsibility of making this decision”.
    Again false, as unable to justify development at Dunton.
  11. “It’s incredulous to suggest it was a political decision. I can’t believe it.
    Yes it was and still is a political decision.